Moving Homes

Life happens. Plans change and your current home is no longer a match for your lifestyle. Maybe you have recently had your first child, started a new job or your children are ready to leave home. It might even be that you have finally accumulated enough capital to purchase your dream home. Whatever the reason, our mortgage brokers can help you secure the funds for your latest property purchase.

We Help Home Movers Secure the Best Mortgage Deal

The advantage of buyers looking at purchasing their second, third or even fourth home, is that you properly have more capital available than first time buyers. You will likely be earning more by the time you are considering moving to another home and can often use your existing property to fund the purchase of the new one, either by selling it and using the money for the deposit, or by renting it out and using this capital for monthly payments.

The problem with getting a new mortgage when you already have one is that timing is much more important and you are at even greater danger of accruing hidden costs. This is why is important to work with experienced mortgage professionals to ensure that costs are minimised and you are getting the best use out of your money throughout the process.
Speak to our mortgage advisors to help you decide between the two basic options available when moving home – keeping the mortgage you have or finding a new one.

Keep Your Current Mortgage

Most mortgages are ‘portable’, which means that if you are moving home, you can simply transfer your mortgage over to the new property. It is important to note that your lender will be reassessing your application, which can sometimes lead to refusal due to your circumstances having changed or to them having implemented stricter lending criteria.

Get a New Mortgage

Looking for a new mortgage is a good idea for many home movers as deals that are currently available are distinctly better than those they have been offered in the past. While lending criteria have become stricter, this is usually not a problem for home movers who have created an excellent financial track record for themselves by paying off their first mortgage.