Remortgage your home

Did you know that as of 2016 many homeowners are paying too much for their mortgage. This is because the Bank of England decided in August of 2016 to lower interest rates, meaning that mortgage rates are now at an all time low. Speak to our mortgage advisors today to find out how much you could save on your repayments each month.

Why Remortgage?

Top Tips for Remortgaging

You are looking for a mortgage deal with better rates.

Your existing mortgage has expired.

You would like to make your monthly payments cheaper.

You would like to get rid of your mortgage sooner.

You are looking to release equity to fund other purchases.

Timing is Important

Make sure to time the switch from your old to your new mortgage correctly. You might pay a higher rate if your mortgage expires before a new one is in place.

Check Early Repayment Fees

Most mortgage deals will require you to pay early repayment charges to get out of an existing mortgage deal. If you are not sure, ask our mortgage advisors to take a look.